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What is SEnginx?

SEnginx (Security Enhanced NGINX) is a variant of nginx - the famous HTTP and reverse proxy server. It introduces web security features into original nginx and makes improvements on application delivery functionality. SEnginx inherit all original features from nginx and is compatible with nginx's configuration, besides SEnginx has also bundled some handy third party modules.
Currently, SEnginx maintains two branches:

  1. Stable branch, which follows stable branches of nginx and uses even version number. This branch does not introduce new features but only fixes bugs and merges upstream versions.
  2. Development branch, which follows mainline branch of nginx and uses odd version number. This is the main developing branch of SEnginx.

Only the newest versions of stable branch and development branch are supported, and only documents the directives of the newest versions.

SEnginx open source project is launched by Network Security Division of Neusoft Corporation (

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